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    Markets move when the Fed speaks

    The Federal Reserve, also known as the Fed, is the central banking system of the United States and plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability of the financial system and the economy. One of the ways the Fed influences the economy is through expectations speeches and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) minutes.


    Expectations speeches are given by the Fed Chair or other high-ranking officials and serve to communicate the Fed's views on the current state of the economy and its plans for future monetary policy. For example, in 2019, then-Fed Chair Jerome Powell gave a speech in which he signaled that the Fed would likely cut interest rates in response to economic uncertainty and rising trade tensions. This speech helped to ease market concerns and boost investor confidence, leading to a rally in stock prices.

    FOMC Minutes

    Another way the Fed influences markets is by releasing the FOMC minutes. These minutes provide a detailed account of the discussions and decisions made during the FOMC meetings. For example, in 2021, the FOMC minutes indicated that some Fed officials were concerned about rising inflation and were considering scaling back the Fed's asset purchase program. This sent ripples through financial markets as investors adjusted their expectations for future interest rate decisions.The Fed's use of expectations speeches and FOMC minutes to influence markets is part of its larger strategy to maintain economic stability. The Fed aims to ensure market participants understand its views and plans well by providing clear and consistent communication. For example, in 2021, the Fed used a combination of expectations speeches and FOMC minutes to signal that it was taking a more cautious approach to monetary policy by signaling the beginning of Rate hikes starting in march of 2022. Riskier Assets classes, such as Crypto & Nasdaq, peaked following the meeting whereas the broader market didn't peak until January 2022.In conclusion, expectations speeches and FOMC minutes are important tools used by the Fed to communicate with markets and influence economic outcomes. By providing clear and consistent communication, the Fed helps to promote stability in the financial system and support the broader economy. Whether you're a market participant or just interested in the inner workings of the Fed, it's worth keeping an eye on these key events and paying attention to the information they provide. For example, in 2022, the Fed Chair's expectations speech helped to ease concerns about rising interest rates and renewed investor confidence in the stock market.